We provide authentic astrology predictions for your future, career, relationships and all sectors of life , connect to carve your future correctly.

Numerological Analyisis

Numerology is a wonderful Science to understand the Blue print of Life, your Strengths & Weaknesses.
No name is a coincidence. It is attracted due to our Soul Plan. With knowledge about it, one can definitely handle Life better.

Tarot Cards Reading

Get insights of your present past or future. These are Psychic Readings with effective remedies.

Angelic Guidance

Get insights of your present past or future. These are Psychic Readings with effective remedies.

Numerology Name Correction

Name is the Energy how you handle your Life Situations & work upon your Goals . If you feel drained, delays, distracted & demotivated…. Name spelling can be out of Balance in connection with your Life Path. Name correction is a wonderful service to balance the Energies & perform better.

Healings for Physical, Spiritual & Financial Issues

Book Healing Sessions to solve the issues you are facing in day to day Life. Healing for deep Emotional Traumas, which you felt got cleared as you grew.
But it gets repeated… telling you I am there.

MokshPattam Reading

Mokshapat Reading is an extremely mystical divination aimed towards taking self-knowledge and guidance based on the Vedas, Puranas & Smritis. It’s a Dice & board reading from ancient India, invented by our sages to teach spiritual wisdom to their disciples. The board signifies the knowledge of moral and Spiritual learning which is symbolically inscribed on it.

Prashn Kundali

You are not sure of your Date of Birth or Time is Missing… Do not worry our Prashn Kundali Astrology is the most accurate to Give you Insights into your Life Situations.

Gemstone Recommendation

Gemstone Recommendation is done after detailed analysis of your Astrological Chart.
The Gemstones are a wonderful remedy to pacify malefic effects of Planets.


Kundali Matching is an accurate way to match Kundalis.
Horoscope Matching or Kundali Milan is an ancient method of Vedic Astrology for the compatibility analysis between couples. Kundali Matching as per Hindu Vedic Astrology is done by the Ashtakoota method of Guna Milan. In a Hindu marriage, a good Gun Milan score is critical for a happy, long-term, and successful married life. Along with it we do a deep analysis of both the charts so as to guide you your strengths & weaknesses, if you decide to go ahead with the marriage.

Chakra's Clearing & Balancing

Book a session for alignment of your 7 physical Chakras when you feel prolonged issues with your Life Situations. Like Fear, Stability, Security , Expression or Creativity & so on.

Automatic Writing

When someone close passes away… There is a lot unsaid, unheard.
This session helps me to connect with your Loved One’s Gaurdian Angels & decode their Divine Guidance.
It is a very High vibrational session.

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