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Introduction of Pallavi

Pallavi AK Sharma has been born and brought up in a family of Astrologers.
Being the Grand daughter of world renowned Astrologer of his time late Pandit Tara Chand ji Pande… All her childhood she heard about Mantras, logics behind Indian Traditions.

As she has a creative Mindset, Pallavi pursued her career as a Fashion Designer, but Destiny had better plans.
She had never thought that she would be naturally attracted towards these modalities.

In the year 2002, on her trip to USA, The wonderful Deck of Tarot came across, being fond of reading, she picked it up in curiosity…. That is how it began.

At the times of crises both emotional and mental,in order to find the answers of challenges of her life she started using her Tarot deck more often and she started getting attracted towards more such modalities.

With her experiences and accurate answers to her personal questions her confidence grew manifolds.

Practicing with friends & family she started using her skills to help people.

Pallavi has the connection with the Higher Realms to answer the most important questions of Life using a blend of Tarot , Angels, Astro & Numerology.

Apart from providing Guidance, Pallavi is a Master Healer. She has healed thousands of people with physical, Emotional or Financial issues, with successful results

Be it Reiki, Angels, Crystals, Chakras, Mantras Magified Healing, Daivic Healing, Law of Attraction, Past Life HEALINGS, etc; are her expertise.

She has learnt from various renowned Masters.

Pallavi believes & Practices that ” We should always live in HIGHER VIBRATIONAL FREQUECIES, of LOVE GRATITUDE & POSSIBILITIES.

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